True voice translator

SUPERZEBRA will offer consumers and corporations true voice translating device. The translator is already tested in many countries and support voice and text translation for 20+ languages. We are proud to say it is a super-fast and accurate translator.

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Huge market

500 mln people are traveling abroad every year. 200 mln people worldwide work and live abroad. A Huge market that needs the solution.

The right approach to market

SUPERZEBRA is not the first company in this market. But it solves the problem which was created by pioneers in this market. Pioneers (like Waverylabs or Google) offered earpieces which provide a translation. But in real usage tourists can’t use them – it is almost impossible to ask people on street to put translation device in their ear.

SUPERZEBRA uses another approach – tourist gives small device to a local person and this device immediately and automatically do a translation. On top of it, SUPERZEBRA has messenger allowing users to send translated messages to their friends and colleges – feature needed for expats. SUPERZEBRA was tested by hundreds of testers in 58 countries.


We plan that our marketing mix will  consisting of

1) Kickstarter campaign supported by PR

2) Facebook ads

3) Partnering with travel websites (

Our experience tells us that we will get customers at 30$ per device sold. Detailed marketing plans will be sent to high-value investors, also we will be sharing preliminary results of the advertising campaign with all investors during launch.

The marketing campaign is planned from Nov 2018 – till Jan 2019. It may be postponed till we finalize all plans and financing.

We have very adaptive marketing strategy – if we will not reach needed marketing performance – we will return most of the money back to investors (up to 80% of investments)

Fell free to contact us on any question about financing – ask us about anything. We are always open to talk .

+1 856 499 3049

Sergei Glukhov